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Studio Policies

Studio Policies:  

All students and parents paying for private lessons and/ or classes are  agreeing to follow and adhere to our Mount Pisgah Arts Academy studio policies. Enrollment in a class or a private lesson is valid for the entire semester.  There are two semesters per year: Fall (Aug-Dec) and Winter/Spring (Jan-May); with 16 private lessons or 16 classes per semester.


Tuition is due for the Full Semester at the beginning of the semester or at the time of enrollment via the school website.  Subscription packages can be purchased and checks will only be accepted for prorated students and extra payments. Payment for extra lessons are due at the time of the lesson.

Depending on the class or lesson, students will be required to provide payment for a class costume, class equipment or lessons books, etc. as requested by the teacher.  Further Tuition Policies can be found on the Tuition below.

Missed Lessons and Classes:

Please email or text your teacher if your child can not attend a lesson or class within 24 hrs in advance. Failure to notify the teacher within 24 hrs prior to a private lesson will forfeit your lesson.  There are no make up lessons for missed classes. Private instructors will provide one make-up lesson per semester at the teacher’s convenience if notified within 24 hr window. Otherwise, this lesson is forfeit by the student and no refund will be given.

Discontinuation of Lessons:

Please email the MPAA Director and the Instructor to remove your child from a private lesson or course. You must give 30 days notice in writing to the MPAA Director before a stop payment will be applied to your private lessons- this is standard practice in private music eduation.  There is no refund for discontinuation of classes or lessons. Students performing in classes with theatrical shows need to make a firm commitment to the full semester and performances


General Class Rules:

Students agree to arrive to class in a timely manner with needed materials. No food, drink or candy in the MPAA classrooms. No excessive talking, horseplay or phone usage should occur during the course.  While students can leave their classroom to attend the bathroom and water fountains, students are not permitted to wander around the building or campus without teacher supervision. Students should be picked up within 5 minutes of the end of class time.  Students are expected to treat peers, teachers and staff with respectful words and behavior at all times.

Code of Conduct:

Students and Parents are expected to treat other students, MPCS faculty and staff and the MPAA instructors with respect at all times.  Acts of vandalism, bullying or verbal disrespect will not be tolerated. Students not paying for supplies or extra lessons in a timely manner risk forfeit of future lessons and dismissal from the program without refund.  Students and/or parents not following the above code of conduct will be dismissed from the MPAA studios without refund.


1.  Tuition is your financial commitment to arts education at MPAA.  

2.  Students enroll in lessons for the entire semester which includes 16 classes or private lessons over a five month period.

3. You total payment for 16 lessons is billed to your credit card in 4 even payments over a 4 month period.

4. To withdraw from private lessons, you MUST give 30 days notice in writing/email to the MPAA Director before a stop payment will be applied to your credit card.

5. To withdraw from a class, you MUST give 30 days notice in writing/ email to the MPAA Director before a stop payment will be applied to your credit card.

6. Missed or Make up lessons do not ‘roll over’ or take the place of standard lessons.

7.  We accept and process tuition via the online platforms Acuity Scheduling and Square.  

8.  Purchasing a "Subscription" allows for you to pay for 16 lessons/ classes in 4 payments via the Acuity Scheduling platform.  All students must purchase the subscription.

9.  We accept via 'Buy Now' only payments for: Extra Lessons, Industry Consultations and other special events.

10.  Tuition cost of class or lesson is listed besides each course along with Payment and Scheduling buttons.

11.  Extra lesson payment is due before or at the time of the extra lesson via the payment button below.  The email from your instructor with the extra lesson date and cost serves as your invoice for the extra lesson payment.  No extra lessons or 'one off' lessons will be given to students unless they are enrolled in the MPAA as  students.

12.  Emails requesting payment from the MPAA Director serves as the invoice for your tuition payment.  

13.  Record of Payment is generated by Acuity Scheduling when you pay for a class or a subscription package.  Record of Payment for Extra Lessons is generated via Paypal when you use the below Paypal button.  

14. The MPAA Director and MPAA Office will not generate additional invoices or records of payments.  It is the responsibility of the parent to save emails from the MPAA Director or Instructor requesting payment and to save Acuity Scheduling and Paypal generated emails showing payment and lesson/ class dates.

Special Items

Dancer Payment Button

Special Item: #123D

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Popular Extra Payments

Level II: 1 Hour: Lesson: $82

Level II: 30 Min: Lesson: $42

Level I: 1 Hour: Lesson: $62

Level I: 30 Min: Lesson: $34