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Private Lessons


  • Wednesdays:  3:30pm-8:00pm/ MS Building
  • Thursdays: 3:00pm- 8:00pm/ LS A020
  • Fridays: 3:30-7:00pm/ MS Building

Private Lessons, Concerts & Group Theory Monthly Class

Commitment: 16 Lessons Fall Semester. 

4 payments of $136 half hour/ $248 for full hour.

Email: Taylor Furtick 

Mr. Furtick is teaches classical piano to all ages and inspires a love of music engaging lessons and challenging and dynamic repertoire.  

Mr. Furtick is an experienced piano teacher and classical performing pianist holding several degrees in Piano Performance:  Syracuse University (M.Mus), San Francisco Conservatory of Music (B.Mus), and the Interlochen Arts Academy (Diploma). He has performed and collaborated in Indonesia,  Canada, and across the US. He has studied piano, music theory, music history, and collaborative piano for over a decade. His primary mentors include Dr. Sharon Mann, Dr. Fred Karpoff and Mr. Yoshikazu Nagai and he has a strong musical affinity towards Germanic and  Russian composers.

Anderson: Violin/ Viola/ Early Piano

  • Tuesdays:   3:30pm-7:00pm/ MS107
  • Wednesdays: 3:00pm- 7:00pm/ LS A140

Commitment: 16 Lessons Fall Semester. 

4 payments of $136 half hour/ $248 for full hour.

Email: Anne Anderson

Private lessons are designed for students interested in learning how to play violin or piano. Young learners will learn how to play the instrument, learn proper hold elements, posture, technique, rhythms, music terminology, music history and how to read music and develop strong practice strategies.  Older learners will focus on continued improved technique, etudes and classical literature and all students will have the opportunity to perform at Winter and Spring Recitals.

Anne Anderson  studied music education at the Suzuki institute at ECU.  Currently she performs with Agape Players, Adagio Big Band, Southern Manor Strings Quartet.

Pigott: MS/ US Voice

  • Tuesdays: Liberty Grace 3:15- 4:30pm. 

Trebelettes 5:00-6:15pm.  Privates 6:15- 8:00pm/

MS H119

  • Wednesdays: 3:30-8:00pm/ MS H106
  • Thursdays: 3:30- 8:00pm/ MS H106

Commitment: 16 Lessons Fall Semester. 

4 payments of $136 half hour/ $248 full hour.

Email: Sarah W. Pigott 

Sarah Pigott studied Voice Performance and Pedagogy at Mississippi College where she received both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in music. In addition to a love of teaching, she continues to perform both in classical and musical theater venues. Sarah has performed across the United States and in France. She collaborated on a study on laryngeal manipulation and the singing warm up which was presented at the Voice Foundation Symposium.

Her highlight role was as Vincenette in Gounod's Mireille in France. She also  completed the Songfest Young Artist Program in LA, and co-presenting on a study at The Voice Foundation this past spring.

Dancy: LS Voice/ Early Piano/ Violin

  • Tuesdays:   3:00pm-7:00pm/ LS A140
  • Wednesday: Ukulele Class Grades 3&4

3:00-4:00pm/  LS A019

  • Thursday: Music Makers Class Level I: K&JK 3:00- 4:00pm/ LS A019 .  Private Lessons 4:30-7:00pm LS A019

Commitment: 16 Lessons Fall Semester.

 4 payments of $136 half hour/ $248 full hour.

Email: Ann Dancy 

Specializes in beginning to intermediate strings, piano, and voice instruction. Students will learn correct instrumental/vocal technique while working on age-appropriate repertoire. Lessons will offer a variety of musical activities including technical exercises, performance pieces, and music theory. Students will be encouraged to set learning goals and participate in both the Winter and Spring recitals.

Mrs. Dancy is a veteran music teacher, recently retired from the Cherokee County Schools.Mrs. Dancy received her Bachelor of Music Ed. from Georgia Southern University where she established the first strings program in Statesboro, GA and her Master of Music Education from  Florida State University where she taught strings at the FSU Developmental Research School. She also holds an Educational Specialist in Leadership and Administration. She was named Carmel Elementary School and Towne Lake 'Teacher of the Year'. 

Mitchell: MS/ US Voice

  • Wednesdays:  3:00-7:00pm/  MS H107


Commitment: 16 Lessons Fall Semester. 

4 payments of $136 half hour/ for $248 full hour.

Email: Elaine Mitchell

Students will learn technique for developing vocal range and stamina through exercises and lessons focused on the control of breath, correct posture, and recognition of specific vocal registers.  Weekly lessons will include technique exercises, music theory, and building an age appropriate repertoire of performance pieces. Additional lesson topics will include stage presence and audition preparation.  Students will be encouraged to learn classic musical theater songs in addition to contemporary Broadway and Disney favorites. Students.  Students will perform at Winter Recital.  

Elaine Mitchell holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Mary Washington College in Virginia.  A veteran of the Musical Theatre stage, her training included classical ballet, dancing with the Loudoun Ballet,  opera and classical voice with Dr. Jane Tavernier, acting at the Stella Adler Conservatory, and musical theater at CAP 21 in New York.  Ms. Mitchell interned with the Washington Opera and The Walt Disney Company. 

Rieve: Violin/ Viola/ Guitar  

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays: 3:00-6:00pm  Orch Room

Commitment: 16 Lessons Fall Semester.

 4 payments of $136 half hour/ $248 full hour.

Email: Robert Rieve 

Specializing in Middle & Upper School musicians.  Intermediate Violin/ Viola and Advanced level Viola.  

Degants: Percussion/ Beginning Band

Snare, Drum Set, Mallets, Timpani
  • Tuesday & Thursday:  Monday 5:00-6:30pm/ Thursday 3:00- 4:00pm

Commitment: 16 Lessons Fall Semester. 4 payments of $136 half hour/ $248 full hour.

Email: Alec Degnats

Specializing in teaching percussion and drum set.  Mr. Degnats get your student off on the right foot for beginning band.  Mr. Degnats is a accomplished, professional musician that has toured all over the South East and with National and International Tours.  Learning percussion is a life skill that can go beyond the classroom and make your child a musician for life!    

Cendoya:  Art

Tracy Cendoya:  Art Private Lessons

  • Tuesdays- Thursdays  3:00-6:00pm  LS D203 Art

Commitment: 16 Lessons Fall Semester. 4 payments of $176 Half hour/ $328 full hour.

Half Hour: $44.00   Full Hour: $82.00

Email: Tracy Cendoya 

Private or semi private art lessons are designed to teach art concepts that reinforce art elements and techniques introduced during the school day. Each art lesson is individually designed for the students age and ability. Lessons will focus on encourage empathy through art expression, growth in their creativity, confidence, develop thought processes and ability that will translate to their academic achievements and hopefully kindle a love for creating art. Open to Grades K-12, lessons will also include art terms, new or challenging techniques and most importantly fun!   Students will take home their art when finished and a summary of what was learned with each completed piece of art. 

Ms. Cendoya is a professional artist.

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